Just Purchased Irwin 1989 38CC MK II

Dec 5, 2013
Irwin 38 CC Green Bay Wisconsin
First sailboat since 1983. Any information anyone has on the Irwin 38CC MK II would be appreciated. Ink is not dry on purchase and sale agreement so I have alot to learn. would like to know if anyone knows specific model number of the Yanmar diesel (1989) originally installed in the vessel. Sailing characteristics (first center cockpit), and any words of wisdom for maintenance focus areas on this particular vessel.

Jun 26, 2004
Irwin 38 cc mark2 sandy hook nj
I just purchased the same boat, mine is a 1986 mk II. I've made some changes already.The boat came from florida. It is now located in NJ at my house. If you go to th Irwin web site you can get the manuals for the boat.
Check for blisters if a southern boat.
Aug 3, 2013
Irwin 38 CC MKII sloop Corpus Christi
Have same boat

I have owned an 89 Irwin 38 CC for almost 2 years and have learned TONS. I've gone thru the boat inside and out to prep for gulf crossing and finally planning in next week. Happy to complain or share stories and info w you.