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jib down haul


Oct 21, 2008
oday 222 niagara
Thank you Brian for the jib down haul tip. Tried it and it works great. Im also having trouble w/ the hanks binding at the bottom stay fittings. Maybe a length of the same PVC from deck to top of fitting will work?? Ill try it soon.
I also now have an adjustable Forspar till ext. and it also works great. Thankyou and Jackdaw for your imput. The D Handle would prob. work great on a slightly larger boat but for me the ball end extension is just the rite size.
The rudder bushings are working and standing up well and have taken the slop out. I still have some flex (added the wood and put an extra couple of layers of glass on the blade) in the rudder and will mold a blade and use thicker plates soon. The flex is not bad until the wind and chop build and start to push the boat around. Prob. just me but I feel it flex and wonder..