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Is adding a mooring compensator to a snubber a good Idea?


Aug 21, 2021
Beneteau Oceanis 35 Sausalito
This article outlines how long a snubber of certain rope sizes really needs to be to substantially reduce anchor line load.

It's LONG!!!

I noticed that the book "The Happy Hooker" suggests adding a mooring compensator to an anchor rode to give it more stretch (and load reduction). Does anyone have experience with this?

This article reviews 12 such devices, and actually the Unimer U-Cleat looks pretty good!

Advice, experience appreciated!
Feb 11, 2017
former Tartan 30 New London, CT area
There's not much to any of those rubber things to absorb energy. My mooring was pretty standard: mushroom (4% of displacement), heavy chain (depth of water), light chain. I added a piece of I-Beam (100#) to the heavy/light junction. By my calculation, it doubled the energy absorption of the system.
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