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Irwin 52

Nov 1, 2016
catalina 30 Sandusky
I am looking at an Irwin 52. This particular one was built in 1981. I saw on amother forum that some important changes/upgrades where made in 1982 and beyond. Can anyone give me some more information on the boat and what problem areas to look at? Also if any of the factory changes made in 1982 are critical. Is it possible to incorporate these in an older boat.
Over all opinion of the vessel as a liveabourd/cruiser.
I am very experienced in repair and maintenance so do not be kind, give it to me straight.
May 8, 2011
ODay 25 Cambridge
Had a 1984 Irwin 41 CC ketch that I lived on for 6 years in Maryland (1998-2005). Took the boat to the Bahamas twice, once down the ICW and once offshore. It was a very good cruising boat. Had to replace the fuel tanks. They were aluminum and had pitted. The tanks were integral to the boat construction so the cabin sole had to be removed to replace the tanks. This was a large project but not overwhelming. I did the deconstruction and had a boatyard in Mayo Md do the replacement. Lost a few gallons capacity as the old tanks extended under the settees and the new ones did not. The new tanks could be removed for inspection and/or replacement. Cost as much for the new cabin sole as for the tanks. Had a few problems with the wiring not being marine grade (corrosion).
Jan 1, 2006
Slickcraft 26 Greenport, NY
Fuel tanks are what a friend who had an Irwin (Mid 30's) had to do. Same deal. Had to rip up cabin sole - if I remember correctly. He had a custom fabrication. Pretty pricey. I wasn't associated with the boat that long so I don't have much else.