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Install new hatch rubber seal in Lewmar Super Hatch


Sep 22, 2017
Capital Yachts Newport 28 Burbank, WA
OK, time to get back to the top hatch rebuild. Our N28 came with a Lewmar Super Hatch over the main cabin, just aft of the mast, and the acrylic had become unsealed to the point it could be pushed up out of the top frame. It was also significantly crazed, so it needs replacing. I have located a replacement sized piece of cell cast acrylic in a light smoke color to replace it with, as well as a new rubber seal and misc. parts. I have already cut and drilled the new lens, so it was time to tackle getting it ready to put back together. I removed the old seal from the frame today, and was very surprised at how tight it fits in the corners. During the removal, the seal would tear, and I would have to use a pick to get the remaining seal out of the corners. Now to install the new seal. Has anyone on the group undertaken this task? I am considering using either some soapy water or plumbers silicon grease to help with the tight fit of the seal in the corners. I am hesitant to use the silicon grease as it could contaminate the part of the frame that will get the butyl rubber, and prevent it from sealing. So, again, does anyone have any experience with re-installing the rubber seal? I have searched the forum, and web trying to find any info on reinstalling the seal on this particular model hatch, and I could not find anything. I did find info on the lens itself, but nothing on the gasket. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Not your project, But I have fitted seals around corners of my windows and soapy water was used, stretching and elbow grease.