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Information lost

Aug 30, 2015
Ranger 28 Halifax
I have a ranger that I think is a 28 by the look of it. When I did a check on its ser# it shows it to be a 29 built in 76.. It's layout inside is for a 28. Tumble home like a 28. This boat has been in storage for about 15 years the guy I got it from bought it at auction 10years ago as a 29.
Ser#ray280950676 it has a plaque on forward bulkhead with. No576531-Net5.
It's almost like a time capsule it was never even cleaned out after it's last run mast was unstepped sails in cabin bat switch turned off never touched again.
Needs a compleat rebuild soft deck forward interior is a right off.
Any information on why it was registered as a 29 would be appreciated.
Might be crazy to rebuild the boat but I have the time and the room for the project.