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I think these are electrical, but I'm not sure...

Sep 14, 2015
Hunter 23.5 Montross
I'm replacing the ancient electrical panel in my 1993 Hunter 23.5. When I pulled the old one out, I found the expected mess and started tracing wires. The pictures attached are of two connectors (electrical I believe since wires run to them under the floor in the cabin) at the rear of the cockpit, one on either side. (Pictures far away with covers on, up close with covers off.) They remind me of the connector for the lights on top of my mast.

I can't find any reference to these in my owner's manual so they may not be original equipment. So... are they electrical connectors? What types of devices would you connect into them? Should these be directly connected to the battery, or run through the circuit panel so there's a circuit breaker on them. (Guessing "yes" on the last question. They are currently directly wired to the battery. Not sure how big of a deal this is.)




Sep 8, 2014
Catalina 22 Swing Keel San Diego
There are two of them, so one could be for a Tiller pilot while the other is for another device. Possibly two were installed, one on each side, so the tiller pilot could switch sides depending on tack. These types of two prong connectors can also be used to attach solar panels, but regardless no device should ever go directly to the battery without the minimum of an in-line fuse.
If it is anything that draws power, like a tiller pilot or maybe a chart plotter, yes its wise to have it run through the breaker panel (but an in-line fuse serves the same function, just difficult to get to the fuse if it needs replacement). Anything that charges the battery, (solar panels or wind generator etc) should run to a charge controller before it goes to the battery.
Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Charleston
Jalepeno has the right idea.... I installed this one this spring.

May 24, 2004
CC 30 South Florida
Yes they are electrical connectors and yes they are PO installed. As far as being directly wired to the batteries it is not advisable but OK if there is a fuse in the positive lead close to the batteries. One probably powered a tiller pilot like some have indicated and the other a GPS unit. I would redo them or eliminate them.


Jul 31, 2010
AquaCat 12.5 17342 Wateree Lake, SC
They are microphone jacks. So the crew can communicate with the helmsman while backing.
Jan 22, 2008
Beneteau 323 Annapolis MD
Best to trace the wires and start a wiring diagram of your boat as you go.
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Essentially one is a trolling motor plug hook up and the other generally used for a deck light connector. Probably one for the tiller steering but as all have advised should have been wired thru the electrical panel which I may be wrong may have come from Blue Seas. As CloudDiver said if wired direct to a battery, then an in line fuse is needed to prevent any electrical fires and you will need to check what size fuse will be needed.
Jun 9, 2008
- -- -Bayfield
The one with the chain hanging from it is a simple 2-conductor outlet for 12v. It looks like a deck fitting used for hooking up a wire for a mast light, for example, at the bottom of a mast and then connecting it to the wiring inside the boat. That is the typical use and it probably had a plastic cap to keep the weather out at one point. But, someone used the same fitting to power up something in the cockpit, which is just fine. My guess is probably for a hand held spot light, but not a trolling motor, which would accommodate larger gauge wire. It could be for an outboard lighting coil, which uses two wires that size. Check the outboard to see if they exist from the motor. If so, then the outboard would supply power to the boat lighting, for example, but not for charging. The other fitting for sure looks like the power outlet for the tiller pilot you showed.