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I just need to rant!!! no need to read this thread.


Jan 22, 2008
Tartan 37 Pensacola Shipyard, FL
I've got two sets of non-sailing friends who are up to their necks in health problems. I can't help them because they are personal problems but I'm so frustrated with their situations.

Friends #1: He was told his cholesterol was too high and needed a better diet to work it down. So as a couple, they went on a diet and lost weight. She was exercising daily on a stationary bike and losing weight correctly. But on August 11th, she felt like she was having a heart attack and went to the emergency room. Not a heart attack but a torn aorta. Simple surgery to repair. 4 strokes later, a tracheotomy and a peg, she has just had another incident and is on the verge of being brain dead. He hasn't given up hope and expects a recovery but the admiral and I aren't sure she is going to make it out of this mess. I hope I'm wrong. I really do because she is a wonderful person and he has been through hell with her. Plus holding down a job that starts at 6am then driving 40 miles to see her for an hour before driving home and crashing on the bed at 11pm to start it all over again.

Friends #2: Lawyer, ex-sailor, author. He used to sail until his balance failed due to the chemicals he was exposed to in Viet Nam. She is a teacher and artist. We met them a couple of years ago when we were passing through Fairhope, Alabama. It was like finding your long lost brother and sister. We even took them out on our boat into Mobile Bay and had a great time. Fast forward to this year. She has a heart valve replacement due to a heart murmur. While she is recovering, he has an A-fib attack and goes into and out of the hospital 5 times. After a heart ablative surgery, he is mending slowly. She goes in for her mammogram and yes, there's something. A lumpectomy shows a few cancerous cells. The doctors think they got all of it out. But she is adamant about no chemo or radiation as it is currently overkill for her problem. Meanwhile, he is still overcoming the a-fib issue.

So here are 4 people going through crap that I wouldn't wish on my ex-wife. There is nothing I can do to help any of them out. So I just wanted to rant about how karma sometimes completely misses the mark and hits innocent people. I've got a long list of deserving people for you, karma.

Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here. These are not the droids you are looking for.


Jan 20, 2005
Nauticat 321 pilothouse 32 Erie PA
sorry to hear of these troubles. there's a book, 'when bad things happen to good people' that helped me a lot when we lost my mother to medical malpractice. fair winds, calm seas to you all.
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Feb 26, 2004
Catalina 34 224 Maple Bay, BC, Canada
Wayne, sorry to hear. Hope they are all feeling better and doing well. Nice of you to take them out. Alays great to make new friends. I know they appreciate your concerns.
Aug 20, 2010
Oday 27 Oak Orchard
Random events in the course of one's life rarely make sense. 13 years ago my Mrs. lost sight in her left eye and the left side of her body went limp. A trip to the emergency room then to an opthamologist and then a neurologist confirmed MS. End of her career 4 years later and pretty much all the plans we had for early retirement and world cruising. No point in getting down about it since these things happen and you can accept them or drive yourself nuts looking for some sinister reason. Best of luck to your friends.