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Hunter Passage 42 forward hatch hinges fixed, for now.

Sep 14, 2004
Hunter 42 Deltaville VA
I recently posted on all three forward hatch hinge pins breaking on my 1997 boat. No one seemed to have had this happen. The hinges are not available from Bomar, but a replacement hatch is (in this site's store) but it is not cheap. Here is the link to that thread: Forward hatch hinges broken on Hunter P 42

The hinge pins are plastic. I drilled them out with a 1/4 inch bit that's 18 inches long. Then I replaced the plastic in the outer hinges with galvanized 4 1/2 inch bolts, at least for now. I could not put one in the center hinge because the hinges are 3 1/2 inches apart and I couldn't get a bolt in.

Before and after pictures are below.

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Oct 21, 2009
hunter 38 Monaco
For the center hinge you could use a 41/2” threaded rod and 2 nuts inserted through one of the outside hinges.
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Jan 5, 2021
Hunter 41 DS Saint Petersburg
Try running a threading rod through all 3, then cut the rod between the hinges to create a gap. Then Nylon nuts to secure the remaining rods in the hinges.
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Dec 25, 2000
Hunter Passage 42 Shelter Bay, WA
Thanks for the posting. Ours remain in good condition, but at some point your solution will come in handy.