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Hunter 33 Muffler

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The original stainless steel muffler failed on my 1980 Hunter 33. The original muffler is 18 inches long by 5 1/4 inches diameter with a 1 1/2 in OD set of ports. The muffler just fits under the 20 gal fuel tank. Does anyone know an equivalent replacement for this size muffler? Note, the exhaust elbow for the 2QM15 engine is 2 in OD. It appeared that a small piece of 1 1/2 in ID hose was fitted over the orginal 1 1/2 in muffler port to make for the difference between the 2 inch ID hose that connects the engine to the inlet port of the muffler.


Vetus waterlift

I have a similar situation with mine and bought a Vetus waterlift replacement muffler from Torreson Marine. You definately want to move towards a fiberglass model, and they will need the outlet hose diameters to match up the right size for your exhaust. Have you decided how you are going to get to the old muffler to replace it?

Ben Braden

Mine as well

I've a 78 Hunter 33 and recently replaced my metal muffler for a fiberglass one. I moved the muffler aft of the gas tank into the skeg well and used an upright round cylinder muffler, it fit in the well perfectly. I had to buy a bit more hose but I think it is worth it to go to fiberglass. They did have a clynder end to end one like the original in fiberglass that may have fit, but I did not have exact measurements when I went to the store so went this way. Go with exact measurements for areas that you can possibly put it and you should be able to find a fiberglass one no problem.

Garry Elmer

33 muffler

I too replaced mine with a fiberglass water lift muffler. I think the boat was built around the muffler. It was a neanderthal method but we removed the exhaust hose from each end and moved moved the muffler side to side, by the inlet tube, until the small metal bracket gave way. We matched the inlet outlet diameters and approximate length and ordered a new one. We went through Wilcox Marine in Stonington CT. It's still under the fuel tank. If I had to do it again I would probably move it aft of the tank and go with a "pot" style muffler as I read in one of the other replies. Ours did, and still does, have a large loop of hose before it exits the hull. I believe this is probably for anti-siphoning but I'm not sure. Good luck! Garry http://www.99main.com/~elmergw/
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