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Hunter 33 Muffler

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Bob Hutchison

I need to replace the stainless steel muffler on my 1980 Hunter 33. I can't find a fiberglass replacement with 2" intake & exhaust. The current muffler is 5 1/2" in diameter, 18" long with 2" intake & exhaust openings. I would appreciate the manufacture and model number for a suitable fiberglass replacement.

Ray Beasley

New muffler source

I had the same problem several years ago with my Hunter 30. I called several of the suppliers and they didnt have what I needed. I called Hunter Customer Service and they had the replacement muffler that I needed in stock. The price was about $80.00 for the fiberglass muffler. 1-800-771-5556. Hope this helps! OBX Sailor
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