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Hunter 33.5 Symmetrical Spinnaker Setup

Mar 4, 2018
Hunter 33.5 String Theory Southport
Trying to set my H33.5 up for flying a symmetrical spinnaker and haven' been able to locate any info on how it was set up as a factory option. The Boat came with a spinnaker halyard and the mast is set up to receive a track so I'm simply assuming that it was an option. I'm curious as to whether they used a foreguy somewhere near the stemhead or a downhaul attachment at the base of the mast with tweekers mounted mid ship. I'm thinking for my purposes that the foreguy option is the better choice. I' m setting it up with a single block on the downhaul with a double block mounted on the foredeck with a single line running to each side of the cockpit from the double. Would love to hear from anyone who flies a symmetrical who might have some experiential pointers on what has worked as far as set up goes as well as any other pointers they may have for this boat.
Nov 8, 2010
Beneteau First 36.7 & 260 Minneapolis MN & Bayfield WI
You're on the right track. The double ended downhaul makes a nice 2:1 on the load, and you can play it from either side while the kite is up. This is important as the downhaul must be adjusted as the pole goes forward or aft. The boat is too big to have the downhaul come from the mast base (j/24 style) you'll want it under the poles mid-point on the foredeck. I'd assume that you will end -for-end gybe. The tweekers are nice to control/trim the kite, and putting them on makes it easier for the foredecker to grab the new guy if you are not going to be using lazy sheets and guys. You can't use them as downhauls (again j24 style) at all, in particular on a reach.
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