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Hunter 28.5--Trailer issue


Sep 29, 2008
Hunter 30T Grand Lake
Buying 28.5 and borrowing a trailer to get it out of the water. Any suggestions on setting the pads (height/etc.)so I don't bang the keel on the boat keel base when loading for the first time.
Jan 22, 2008
Islander Freeport, 41 Ketch Longmont, CO
Recognize that the pads do NOT support the weight of the boat, they simply keep it upright on the trailer. If you are loading it from a crane, then have the pads loose when loading, set the boat on the trailer such that you have about 5-10% of the weight of the boat forward of the center point (to provide proper loading on the trailer tongue and then raise the pads to the proper height. If loading from the water, you will have to either get wet or guess as to the proper height.

Good luck