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Hunter 25.5 owner's manual

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Apr 20, 2013
Hunter 25.5 PORT ARTHUR
Does anyone know where I can get any type of owner's /tec/spec guide for an "85 model 25.5 actually any info at all would do.
Dec 29, 2010
Hunter 25.5 Point Venture, TX
I bought a Hunter 25.5 a couple of years ago so I have a head start on you. Here are some useful links that I have found:

Closest thing to a Hunter 25.5 User Manual: http://www.ayesail.net/sailing/Hunter/Hunter23_45/target20.html

And here is a copy of the original marketing brochure: http://www.marlow-hunter.com/Models2011/HunterPreviousModels/25.5_1984-1987.pdf

The fact is, the systems on a Hunter 25.5 are fairly simple, so there is not much Hunter 25.5 specific information available (or required).

But you do have to maintain the winches. And for that you need the drawings and the manual:

Maxwell 14 halyard winch: http://sbo.sailboatowners.com/downloads/Hunter_gen_84362316.pdf

Maxwell 17 sheet winches: http://sbo.sailboatowners.com/downloads/Hunter_gen_24202564.pdf

Maxwell Owner’s Service Manual http://sbo.sailboatowners.com/downloads/Hunter_gen_99194652.pdf
Apr 20, 2013
Hunter 25.5 PORT ARTHUR
Learning the hard way

Thank you for the information! Finally got to take her out this week. Reworked the electrical. Learned to rework the winches one afternoon. One was bound up. Can't believe they have plastic bushings! Had to epoxy the depth sender to the hull inside just in front of the keel. The wax did not work. Next on the list are Hatch Boards, cabin sole, new sails, topside paint, etc. . One day at a time.
Jul 30, 2004
- - st. augustine, fl
The Hunter 25.5 is a great boat... Certainly the "largest" boat in her size among her peers, and in our opinion, one of the most capable pocket cruisers ever made.

Let me know if you need any info moving forward... We've owned an '84 since 1997 and have sailed over 15,000 miles in SV Empty Pocket. We just completed a comprehensive refit, and can share much about the experience.

Brian & Steph


Apr 20, 2013
Hunter 25.5 PORT ARTHUR
I have been following your pictures and forum on line. What you have done is great!
I just retired and my other sailboat is a Ranger 26-2 "trailer" boat, although I don't put it on the trailer except to do a bottom job.
I just retired in the spring and have not spent much time on the boat sailing. I have a lot of projects to do on it. Replaced the port screens, wood grab rails, got the 12volts going, stripped the mast and boom and repainted with industrial urethane, made an a frame to lower the mast, rewired the mast, completely cleaned the inside, made a new tiller, epoxied the depth transducer/water temp sender to the hull under the sole right past the bulkhead door.
I actually sailed it one time!
To do list: replace cabin sole, get the water working, replumb the ice box to not drain in the bilge, vhf, boom vang, auto tiller (came with the boat), on and on.
My big questions are: where to put the spinnaker pole ring on the mast? What configuration of bimini works good?
I can build my own frame and top and upholstery and sails, used to do that on the side while I was working.
I learned a lot from your pictures!
You can e-mail me anytime.
Mike Givens
Oct 3, 2006
Hunter 23 Philadelphia
Happy Daze, as far as the pole ring, a good starting point is to put the ring ~ 85% the length of a luff below the halyard. so measure the long side of the sail, if it's 33 feet, put the ring about 28 feet below the halyard
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