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Hunter 23.5 topping lift?

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Hi, I am rigging my HUnter 23.5, this is the first time, since I just bought her a month ago, I am new to small boat sailing, and in replacing all the halyards, I realized there was a line tied at the top of the mast that I was unsure of. Is this a topping lift? It doesn't seem very long, I am assuming it attaches to the boom, possibly a cleat there? Just wanted to make sure that is what it is, before I replace it. Thanks
Nov 22, 2006
Hunter 23.5 Eau Gallie
Boom Topping Lift

The line I believe that you are referring to is cleated on the port side of the mast, runs through a pulley at the top of the mast then connects to one of the three line at the clew end of the boom. The three lines running through the boom, from port to starboard side are: the reef line, the outhaul and the boom topping lift line.
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