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Hunter 18.5 side stays getting shoddy

Jul 23, 2019
Hunter 18.5 Nameless Revelstoke
What are my options here... I’m hundreds of miles away from any marinas and don’t know where to buy new rigging or should I consider the synthetic route (which seems way simpler)

If I was to go synthetic how would I deal with the T terminals at the mast end and the turnbuckle fittings at the deck end?


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
You can order new rigging at many online sources. Either by measuring yourself according to the rigging service's instructions, or simply removing the existing rigging and ship it to the service for duplication. Synthetic rigging is lighter and certainly plenty strong... but it will not last as long a stainless steel. Plus the end fittings are similar in price... so you really don't save any money.

Google "sailboat rigging services" and research the ones that appeal to you. Give them a phone call with your needs.... a couple of sets of shrouds won't break the bank, you probably won't have to replace the turnbuckles.
I've used these guys a number of times.... good people... http://www.downwindmarine.com/
Sep 30, 2016
Hunter 23.5 Patoka
Just order from the parts store on this forum. I ordered new upper shrouds recently. Its a drop in replacement. Perfect fit.
Jul 23, 2019
Hunter 18.5 Nameless Revelstoke
Just order from the parts store on this forum. I ordered new upper shrouds recently. Its a drop in replacement. Perfect fit.

I’ve looked around a bit but can’t seem to find shrouds for my boat in the store
Nov 9, 2012
Oday 192 Lake Nockamixon
I'm not sure there's any real benefit to doing synthetic rigging on a small daysailer like a Hunter 18.5.

I have worked with Annapolis Performance Sailing in the past. I've mailed them my old standing rigging for replacement on my 15' boat, and this past off-season, I sent them uppers and forestay of my bigger boat. They examined them and advised they didn't see any issues, and we happy to replace them if I wanted, but they didn't see the need to do so. No visible cracks or rust stains (it's good to be on a freshwater lake.) It was good to get professional confirmation of my own assessment.

The one thing they did say was that I should have left my turnbuckles in the fully rigged and tuned position, so they would know if there needed to be any adjustment in wire lengths. (I had spun in the turnbuckles so that they would fit in the box easier.)


There are other places who would provide the same service. I will vouch for APS after dealing with them for several years, and when I can get to Annapolis, I always visit them, even if I don't think I need anything... but somehow, there's always something to pick up! I've also bought all my running rigging line from them.
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Jul 23, 2019
Hunter 18.5 Nameless Revelstoke
Seco South in Tampa FL made the standing rigging. Call them and ask for Jean.
Thanks Dave, Jean just told me they didn’t do the 18.5, I may have to wait for the off season and send my set in somewhere here in British Columbia
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Suggest contacting Dave Groshong with the forum store or other folks as mentioned wth the rigging length the way it is as they will know what to do. I was caught off guard on that one but thought they had made the standing rigging. Still a good shop to work with