How to rig outhaul (and the rest) on O'Day 272? The manual doesn't show the outhaul.


May 17, 2021
O'Day 272 Percy Priest
I just changed the outhaul in my 272. I added a small block in the boom to make it a 2:1 purchase and it is much better. No need for a winch, but I do run it to the clutch on the port side.

I ran a short line from the sail, in the boom, to the fixed side of the block. The I ran a line from the center slot of the mast side of the boom, aft around the block (in the boom), and then fore to the port exit slot on the boom. It then goes down to a mast foot block, through the deck organizer, to the clutch.

it works like a champ.
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Feb 26, 2009
Oday 30 Anchor Yacht Club, Bristol PA
Years ago, there was so much bird nesting and wasp nests with inside the boom on my 030 we had to drill out the rivets and literally take the end caps off there was a little block in there! Surprised me. And there were levers at the gooseneck and so we didn't have to run it down to the deck and back to the winch though I had planned to I never did they work pretty well on the inside of the boom is clean of debris!
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