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How to remove a swing keel

Oct 19, 2016
Sirocco 15 Pei
I have a Sirocco 15 and I would like to remove the keel to inspect the pivot bolt. I can't see how to get at the pivot bolt. It looks like I have to remove a cover that goes over the keel well? Does that sound right?

If so, how would I do that? It looks like it's been glued on.
Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Charleston
Photos would help....
I've removed the keel on a Mac 21, A Rhodes 22 and a Balboa 26. On the Mac 21 and Balboa 26 there was a bolt that sent through the keel trunk. The keel trunk is inside the cabin.... I suspect yours is the same way. On the Rhodes the keel trunk sat under the boat's hull. You will need to block up your boat and get it off of the trailer. then build a dolly on wheels to support the keel ... jack the dolly up under the keel and take the pressure off of the keel bolt. That is a tricky step because you need the pressure on the bolt to be neutral or you won't be able to pull it out... so get a friend to gently raise or lower the jacks until the pressure is off of the bolt. Then pull the bolt, lower the keel and inspect.

The pictures are from my Balboa 26. That keel weighed 1200 lb. Yours is going to be a lot lighter... probably less than 400 lb. So you might not need the engine hoist. Maybe a picnic table to set it on ... and a buddy to help you lift and set it on the table.
In position 1.jpg

Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Charleston
I reread your post... you asked about the cover on the keel trunk... sorry.

Yes, the Rhodes 22 I have also has a keel trunk cover. On the Rhodes you need to pry that off (again a picture would help). Your keel trunk cover might have screws that have been glassed over. My guess is that you might have to grind that cover down a bit to expose the screw heads..... but again... snap a pic. It will help a lot.