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Hope to experience Vancouver from the water

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Jan 20, 2009
Endeavour 32 Fredericton, NB
My job is sending me to the Vancouver, BC area soon for a week of training. I’m expecting to have some evenings and possibly late afternoons free. I wonder if any forum members in the area would enjoy taking me out for a sail while I am there between Feb 26 to March 8. There is nothing quite like seeing an area from the water and though the eyes of a local. I can entertain you with boating stories from the east.

About me: My home sailing waters are the St John River and Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick – tall tides, big currents, fog in the Bay, and the extensive scenic and uncrowded inland estuary of the St. John River, connected by the Reversing Falls in Saint John. My boat in an old Catalina 27 which we have refitted, including an inboard engine swap that took most of last spring. I also have an Eastern 22 miniature trawler that is great for exploring the Fundy Iles.

It would be a wonderful treat to go for a sail in Vancouver while my boat is under the tarp, and covered by snow. Thanks in advance to those that respond. You year-round sailors sure are lucky.

Paul in Fredericton, New Brunswick
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