Holding tank Yamaha 30 with forward engine

Dec 20, 2020
Yamaha 30 tall rig Galiano Island
Brand new to this forum so that I apologize in advance for any errors in protocol.
Seeking advice from anyone who has experience with installation of a holding tank in a Yamaha 30 with the forward engine. Not a lot of room for one. I’m considering a small one above the sink by removing the vanity. Also considering across the head using the hanging locker.
Anyone been through this that can offer some help?
Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
Welcome aboard, Samuri.. There are a couple of Yamaha owners that may be able to help, but I am not familiar with that boat..
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Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Welcome @Samurai to the forum. Always great to have another PacificNW sailor joining this merry band.

All I know about the boat is what I read on the internet.
Found this video
. It shows a holding tank under the VBerth.
I read that some of these boats have their engine under the VBerth. I’m guessing you have one of the latter based on the comment “engine forward”. This would complicate your plan.

Looking for space you need to consider size. Sailing in the Salish Sea with the open policy of dumping your business at sea, I’m guessing you are thinking small tank. I hear that this policy is coming under reconsideration in Canada as it has down here south of the 49th. This is especially true around the bigger cities.

I have a 20gallon tank fitted under my VBerth. It holds enough to get a crew of 2-3 by for a couple of days. I find it requires a longer than I like hose. Ideally you want your tank as close to the head as is practical.

Then there is the design of plumbing. The heads have decent pumps able to lift effluents a meter and a half. Again ideally you want to lift you excrement then have it flow down hill to the tank. This stops the poo in the hose problem. If you let the poo sit in the hose you will be eventually changing out the hose to stop the permeating hose stink that happens from bad plumbing design.

I would encourage you to look at @Peggie Hall HeadMistress book, available in the SBO store. A great guide to keeping you boat sweet smelling and crew happy.

Lookin forward to seeing a picture or 2 of your boat, reading about your tank solution
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Dec 2, 1997
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Looking at the drawing of your interior layout, the v-berth would be the best location for the holding tank for several reasons, not the least of which is proximity to the head. And Ronco Plastics is your best source for the tank. They make TOP quality thick-walled water and waste tanks for a very reasonable price and have more than 400 shapes and sizes, over 100 of which are non-rectangular to fit just about any space, and they install fittings in the sizes and locations specified by the customer when they make the tank. There are retailers who sell Ronco tanks, but Ronco sells direct for a much lower price...and they're great to work with. Their current marine tank catalog is here Ronco Plastics marine Tanks Because so many people have told them that their previous catalog is so much easier to search, they've left it up too...it's here Ronco Plastics old marine catalog

And I second Jsailem's advice to check out my book(see link in my signature below). and Sailboatowners.com happens to have signed copies of it on sale right now for a very good price. The title (my publisher's idea) is a bit misleading...'cuz although it does deal with every source of odor on a boat and how to cure, or better yet PREVENT 'em, it's actually a comprehensive "marine toilets and sanitation systems 101" manual that explains the laws, describes all the types of systems and how they work, and will help you learn how to install, operate and maintain your system to prevent 99% of problems instead of having to cure 'em. 'Cuz you get to do any preventive maintenance on your terms when it's convenient...the need to cure a problem never happens when it is!

I'll be glad to help you work out the plumbing details if you'd like to send me a PM.

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Nov 21, 2012
Yamaha 33 Port Ludlow, WA
I've seen several 33's but no 30's, so this might not be especially helpful.

Each of the 33's had the holding tank in a different place. Of the 2 late 70's models I saw (with the engine under the v-berth) one had it under the port settee with an Electrosan MSD, and the other was at the bottom of the locker across from the head. I don't recall how that one was piped. My 33 has an integral fiberglass tank in the port aft corner of the v-berth.