Help! Swing Keel Stuck

Oct 17, 2013
Catalina 22 Plymouth MA
Ts our first year on a mooring and we've kept the swing keel down on our Buccaneer 180. On the advice of more experienced sailors around us, I pulled the keel up when a hurricane was coming. Now I can't get it down! Only thing we haven't tried is swimming underneath and trying to pull it down. Keel line is new, bottom paint is fresh - any ideas?


Aug 27, 2013
Oday 272LE Red Bank
If you are in tidal waters, chances are good that you have barnacles in the centerboard trunk. I used to have this problem on my O'Day 20. You'll need to get underneath and slide a thin metal strip inside the trunk on both sides of the centerboard to break it loose. Make sure you cleat the line so that you don't catch the centerboard in your chops when it comes free.