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Help identifying my autopilot

Oct 9, 2019
Hunter 28.5 San Francisco
Dear Hunter-Owner,

My autopilot has stopped working and I would like to source a replacement unit (or possibly repair the motor). Unfortunately, it is not marked with a manufacturer or model number. Can anyone help identify this marvellous piece of engineering?

Many Thanks,


Jun 21, 2004
Beneteau 343 Slidell, LA
Appears to be a Raymarine 4000STor 4000ST+
Once you determine the source of the problem, you should be able to order parts from Raymarine.


Jan 26, 2005
C&C 110 Bay Shore, Long Island, NY
Your wheel drive is used in many different Raymarine autopilot systems. You have the mark II version wheel drive which can be connceted to numerous Raymarine contol heads.
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Dec 14, 2003
Hunter 34 Lake of Two Mountains, QC, Can
Definitely Raymarine. The grey color indicates a later model but it replaced the former black model and is used on several different units from the older ones to the newer ones. I would contact Raymarine and talk to a technician who will probably want to see the unit. They're not cheap but they were able to install a new motor on mine. Unit now works perfectly (given the limits of these 12V wheel units !).

For the ST-60 wind meter, after Raymarine told me to buy a new one, I used the service of a great technician I had found on the internet. He is in Durango, CO and knows Raymarine products inside out. He was able to fix my problem at a very reasonnable cost. His name is Dan Gerhardt and 2 years ago his email was : C250@mydurango.net. And no, I'm not related and I don't know if he still does any servicing of Raymarine instruments, but if you have no success with Raymarine you may try to get in touch with him. Good luck
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