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Have you checked your rigging lately?

Aug 17, 2010
Oday 35 Barrington
This fall I had to drop the Isomat NG51 mast on my O'day 35 so that I could replace the wiring for the anchor and steaming/foredeck lights. The marina where I keep the boat (in RI) charged me about $1000 for the drop and store, and will charge another $700 to raise it in the spring. The marina insists that all roller furlers be stored indoors so that the foil will be protected, and the $1000 includes this. I had the mast dropped 6 years ago, and that marina only charged me ~$400 each way (down / up), but they did not store any of the rig inside.

As long as the mast was down, and because I know that the wire rigging has not been replaced since before I have owned the boat (10-years) I figured that it was time for a close inspection. The only part of the rig that I knew the history of was the forestay. The roller furler and forestay were replaced in 2008 with all new components. All of the references that I could find state that wire rigging is good for 10 to 15 years, and rod rigging is good for 10 to 20 years. My best guess is that my rigging was replaced in 2003/2004, making it approximately 16/17 years old. After removing, labeling, and polishing all of the fittings with a scotch brite pad, followed by a magic eraser I found a couple of toggles that looked questionable. However, because I know the age, and because it passed my close inspection, I decided that the forestay can remain in service. The rest of the rig, however will be replaced this spring.

The cost estimate for all new rigging that I received from a Rigging Only in Fairhaven, MA was $1500. For reference the standing rigging of an O'day 34/35 includes a forestay, a backstay, two cap shrouds, and four lower shrouds. I was happy that the actual quote came to less than that.The rigger will copy my current back stay and all shrouds, and I will preform the installation and tuning in the spring. I will also keep much of the old rigging - just in case.

I am sharing this info. so that other O'day 34/35 owners can have a benchmark of what this costs.
Aug 11, 2011
On my 1983 O'Day 30 I recently had my entire rigging replaced and LED lights, windex and a new main sheet halyard installed. All new turnbuckles and connections. There were an number of other small items done as well. Everything was done without taking the mast down. Just over $5K. And all did was watch and ask questions. I have great confidence in my choice of rigging company and the work they have done and would recommend them to anyone who needs a reference on them. The company is Walden Rigging and is located in the Northern Chesapeake Area.