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Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
To all Hunter owners in the Puget Sound region welcome aboard. We will use this forum for the exchange of information and the posting of photos and videos. HAPS welcomes Hunters of all years, makes and models from trailer sailors to the Hunter 50 CC.


Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
Annual HAPS meeting notes and proposed rendezvous schedule.

Our annual dinner at Rock Salt Restaurant was a huge success. Last year 20 persons attended and this year we had 27 persons representing 15 boats. Meeting highlights included
1. Introduction of new members Paul and Carol Jones who are the proud owners of a 2001 H460. They have had five sailboats, won the Swiftsure race once, and are now transitioning back to sail from a trawler. Their homeport will be Des Moines. Again, Paul and Carol, welcome aboard.
2. Dues were raised from $36 to $60 and 12 of the 15 boats represented at the dinner paid their 2013 dues. Thanks for the very prompt support.
3. A silent auction was held with $240 being raised for the assn. Jeannine, the pie was by far the best value. Ruth, great idea and nice coordination. To all, thanks for the participation
4. Mary Scott, our treasurer promptly deposited the dues and auction money to our account in the amount of $924. Our previous balance was $663 and the dinner was $626 so we should start the year with a balance of $961.
5. We have a rough rendezvous schedule
a. 2 March Chart Chat Bremerton Yacht Club…Potluck, Murrays
b. 12-14 April Bell St. Harbor and Mariners game Hubbards contact Tom ASAP thubbard84@msn.com
c. May Open
d. 14-16 June Kingston, ribs by Scott/ Tughan
e. 3 July Impromptu anchorage in Poulsbo for fireworks
f. 26-28 July All Hunter rendezvous sponsored by Marine Service Center. Not a HAPS event.
g. 16-18 August Bremerton Marina wine festival. Murray, Coykendall
h. 20-22 Sept. Poulsbo, Bill and Jeannine Bramstedt and maybe Dave and Sue Garland
i. 4-6, 18-20 Oct. Foss Waterway Greg and Maggie, Dave and Mary
j. November Dinner at Scotts atop Cougar Mountain (very nice gesture by Brian and Mary)
6. Discussions about the interaction of Marine Service Center and HAPS. I will try to arrange a face to face with Jim Rard, the owner to air expectations and desires for the mutual benefit of both parties.
7. Our membership chair circulated a roster with names and contact information to facilitate communication amongst the members. Corrections and additions are in progress. Bill, nice work.
8. And, due to the lack of a website, Steve Stark made what I think a brilliant suggestion to use a function on the Hunterowners.com web site. On that web site under the forums menu is a forum titled “Social Groups”. I opened a group called HAPS. I hope to use that site to post information and pictures. And since it is a blog/forum anyone can post topics, replies, photos and videos. It will take some practice but should prove very valuable.
9. Ray Valpey distributed some photocopies of pictures taken at our Gig Harbor rendezvous. Thanks, Ray…nicely done.
10. Kersten Hubbard (present commodore of Three TreeYC) and Debra Valpey (Three Tree YC PC) showed a business card for the YC that has proved successful in recruiting new members. Does anyone want to take that as a special task?
11. I heard that there is a perception by owners of older Hunters that HAPS is for only new or newer Hunters. We would love to have some Cherubini designed Hunters in the group so that we might better admire and appreciate the Hunter legacy. Hunters of all years, models, and sizes are more than welcome.
12. The election results are, Treasurer, Mary Scott, Membership Chair, Bill Bramstedt, Fleet Captains Mike and Ruth Murray
13. From Mike and Ruth, thanks to all for a wonderful 2012 Hunter season. We look forward to a fun and safe 2013.
Sep 22, 2009
Hunter 36 Seattle, WA
Well, I can see that the change of Commodore has ushered in a NEW era! Thanks, Ruth and Mike!
May 10, 2004
Hunter 340 Bremerton, WA up from Woodland
This new online resource promises to bring us to a new, higher level of activity. Thanks, Mike and Ruth for investing the time to get this going.

To all present and future HAPS shipmates.... many of you already know the immense value of both the discussion boards and chandlery that SBO has provided over the years. Phil's support of this new communications endeavor for HAPS is certain to help our club grow and make the club experience better for all of us. I would encourage those of you that are not as familiar with this site's store to aquaint yourselves with its depth of offering. Over the years, Starbright has benefited from the quality customer service that Phil's team offers, a commodity that is all too rare in retail today; and I have always found them to be competitive on pricing and availability of all kinds of hardware, rigging, canvas, etc.. I proudly fly the SailBoatOwners Burgee right below my HAPS burgee.

So, Thanks Phil, for working with Mike and Ruth to make this happen.
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