Halyard Stopper questions and answers

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Mar 6, 2008
Catalina 310 Scott Creek, VA
Anyone know the Manufacturer of the stoppers installed on the early 2000's? I had a problem where the stopper would not lock open and let the halyard run unless someone held the handle down to ease the line. The fix may be obvious to some, but I will post here for those (like me) who may not known. If you tighten up the hex bolt that the handle pivots on, you can adjust the tension which hold the clutch open. For the interior ones you will have to pull it to get to the bolts, but the exterior ones can be adjusted in place.


Jul 1, 2009
Catalina 310 Sydney-Pittwater
They are Garhauer clutches. I had the same problem and tightening the hex screws is all they recommend. Problem is, that the clutch stopping my in-mast furling line seems to be under the greatest pressure and therefore the screws loosen up every 3 months or so. At the moment I use ground down hex keys that just fit between the clutches. But both the keys and the screws are being worn and I shall have to lift the clutch and use Loctite next time round. Incidentally, a small piece of wood inserted under the locking mechanism works until a more permanent fix is made.

Not related to this particular problem, but the clutch handles with their downward shape are rope magnets, especially when single handing and having a rope go wild. It could quite conceivably open a halyard clutch at the very worst time.


Jul 7, 2010
Beneteau 37 Cranes Creek, VA
Timely post, thanks. My furling outhaul clutch does not lock open and I was going to take it off this winter and look for a broken cam or something....
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