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H41 cockpit speakers placement and fitting

Dec 15, 2017
Hunter Legend 41AC DIABLITO Portsmouth
Hello all,
Looking to fit some cockpit speakers to our H41AC and looking for the best place to fit them that is not the stainless arch, as finding it hard top find the best "flat" surface to for them?


Jun 11, 2011
Hunter 41 Lewes
Mount them under the stern seats.
Get good quality waterproof box speakers
:plus: I did the same thing. Came out great. Pick the best boxes you can find for good sound. They can be turned outward if your swimming behind. Used a water proof plug so they stow in the cabin.
Oct 29, 2016
Hunter 41 DS Port Huron
We have the speakers in the arch, of which their location I don't like, speakers in the arch pointing down makes it very difficult to be at the helm and have a conversation with anyone forward of the helm. Our sons purchased us a pair of Sony blue tooth wet application speakers for Christmas of which I plan to make mounts under the stern rail seats, love the fact I don't have to run wires at all and they sound absolutely fantastic.
They are rated as wet application, but are not rated submersible, a single charge gives about 48 hours of continuous play time and they also have adjustable LED light patterns that beat with the music, if you like that sort of thing.
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