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H37C help with identification

Oct 25, 2011
Hunter 37 Cutter Yankton SD
See attached pic, trying to figure out use of box with acrylic cover just fore of the cutter traveler track topside, in between the vents, also the stainless tubing above it? Thanks for replies......


Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 37-cutter Richmond CA
I use the tubing as a support for the end of the staysail boom. Also if you had dorades where those 2 round vents are it would protect them from the boom (that was originally standard).

As for the box, I have never found a use for it. I thought of stashing a winch handle there so it would be handy for the 10,000 th time I went forward and forgot to take one with me, but it is neither secure, nor sun proof, nor weather proof or big enough to hold much. Maybe hold the sail ties there whilst sailing.
Jun 8, 2004
C&C Frigate 36 St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scoti
As John states, the rail is there as a 'crash rail' for the staysail boom - to keep it off the dorade vents. And the tiny locker is useful for sail ties and I keep one of those plastic, floating winch handles in there.