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h34 claims Club Championship

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Three Wishes, our 1983 h34, beat the fleet in our modest Club series this summer. I offer this as encouragement as much as to boast! We sport a roller-furled triradial mylar 153, (we don't race w/ spinnaker in this series), a dacron main with two reef points. We rely on a whisker pole for the downwind legs (where we get our butts kicked), and use a barber hauler, and the backstay adjuster depending on point of sail and wind. But most of all we have a brilliant tactician (who will remain anonymous to protect us from piracy) who has uncanny ability to read and anticipate the wind opportunities as they develop throughout a race. We race on Long Island Sound where choosing the right time to tack is the only way way to beat a Frers 33, no matter what the Handicapper gives you. Good luck to all, may your next season be as successful as ours. Peter Campbell Three Wishes Westport, CT

Scott Johnston

Congrats - Wish we could borrow your tactician

Congrats on the result. We sailed in our second race last weekend. Muffed the start slightly, but managed to finish ahead of one boat at the finish line. Our 34 is loaded for cruising not racing, and has the shoal keel, fixed 2 blade etc, so is not really a speed demon under any circumstances. The real shock came after the race when looking at the results sheet. We were last on corrected time (no real suprise there) but our PHRF was 147, the lowest of the fleet. I'm not one to argue about such things, as I said we are only in it for the fun, but how we are expected to beat brand new catalina 36's with our baggy old sails is a mystery to me. I think we could do with borrowing your tactician some time! Scott 83-H34 Island Hops.


Congrads, need info on heavy weather

Congradulations on your victories. We own a H34,DK 84 and sail on Lake Mich in Chicago area. Am interested in your opinion on shortening sail and balance as the wind picks up over 18 to 30T. We do extreamly well in ghosting conditions, on all points of sail. Can hold our own and win boat for boat without using our handicap against J30s, S-2s, T-10s, & H35s&37s. But as the wind goes up then comes to tactics, no mistakes, and handicap. When the true wind goes over 17-18, we get beat up. guess we just need more experience. Any pointers would be appreciated. We have a faired keel, folding prop, 155 Jib (non roller furling) & main of pinstripe, an available 135 & 110 roller furl jib, main with 2 reef points, hard vang, backstay adjuster, and ball bearing jib cars. E-mail dhart34278@aol.com or ph 847-543-0016 Thanks PJ

Cliff Ruckstuhl

How Much $$$ for the tactician??

Good job. Im glad to see others racing there Hunter. I wish others could see the fun in racing there Hunters. How much for the tactician?? What kind of cash do you need to have. I'm sure you have a price everybody has a price. Cliff "Jail Break" h 25.5
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