H170 Boom end cap


Dec 10, 2012
Hunter 18 Raleigh
Does the H170 have a cap on the aft (stern) end of the boom? Our does not and the sharp metal edge of the boom has left scratches and gouges on the deck where it lays when the main sheet is down. (Yes, we should be using an uphaul (topping lift) but sometimes the boom still hits the deck!). Also a bit of a hazard to the head of the unwary.

Seems like there should be a plastic or rubber cap...? I see here (http://shop.hunterowners.com/hp/part.php?m=170&c=6&p=53843) two different end caps, but not clear if the one without the tang is for the aft end of the boom.

Jul 4, 2012
hunter 170 Shelbyville
Mine has a rubber strip that goes around the sharp edge at the aft end. The one pictured with the tang is for the mast end. $13 for a rubber strip? Seems a trip to the hardware store or auto parts store would find channeled rubber stripping that would cover the sharp edge for a lot cheaper. Just sayin' mebbe.
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Mark 2, Call me and I am in Zebulon. Probably I sold that boat originally. I can then tell you the mast mfg. but the pricing is good from this sites store vs. ordering direct.