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H 23.5 Anchor Locker Drain Thru-hull Repair and Replace

Sep 30, 2016
Hunter 23.5 Oasis Patoka Lake, IN
This is just a little piece of info for the next guy doing a anchor locker thru-hull repair on a H 23.5. Google provided no definitive info on this topic and, hopefully, this will save someone from going to the boat, figuring out the sizes needed, then to the parts store and back to the boat.

I had a leak that would leave brownish water on the sole that trailed from the V berth to the little cutout for the cooler. Seemed to only happen after rain. I had the V get damp during rain on a week when camping on the boat and did a field repair with silicone on the thru-hull for the anchor locker, so it wasnt to hard to diagnose. Today the thru-hull crumbled in my hand as I was taking it out. Our 23.5's are showing their age.

So without further ado:
Both anchor locker drain and the thru-hull fitting are 1" reduced down to a 3/4" barb. If you feel like replacing the hose it is a 3/4" ID flex hose, and needs to be at least 12" long.

I didnt measure, but Id put money on the bilge thru-hull being the same- 1" reduced to a 3/4" barb. I say that because its the same kind of flex pipe on my bilge pump.

The hell(ish)-hole where these part live:

Four Phillips head screws to remove access panel

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