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Going Electric

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Nov 23, 2011
The Admiral would like the head to be electric. I have sourced 2 models of conversion kits. Raritan SeaEra and The Jabsco Quiet Flush. Has anyone had any experience with these and what would you recommend. I am connecting to the fresh water system as well to help eliminate odors.
Ross & Joanne
RKYC, Saint John NB
C36 TR # 658
Nov 8, 2009
Hunter 386LE San Fancisco

I have a Jabsco Quite Flush with “one” effluent pump model 37045-1092 12 v, 10 amp. Simple design, low power consumption, works great and parts are "plug and play". It is connected to fresh water with a solenoid valve. Cost on-line is $400. The Head Mistress recommended Raritan Elegance as an alternative.

To eliminate odors between the head and holding tank replace the sanitation with a Trident non-permeable hose recommended by the Head Mistress.
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
SeaEra top rated by Practical Sailor

In a comparison of electric macerating toilets in their February issue this year, PS rated the Raritan Elegance "best in show" and the Raritan SeaEra "best budget buy." And IMO the SeaEra is a better choice for a 36' sailboat than the Elegance. Raritan Sea Era The SeaEra is available in both sea water and fresh water versions...both versions are available as either a complete toilet or a "conversion" (everything but the bowl, seat and lid) Raritan SeaEra Conversion I'd go with the pressurized flush water version--a conversion will reduce the price to about $350...and I'd also add the optional 3 way flush, which offers a choice of flush water in (very handy for adding water to the bowl ahead of solids), "dry" flush, or both simultaneously. Raritan only shows it with the Elegance, but it'll work with the fresh water version of the SeaEra...you'll have to special order it.
Dec 1, 2010
Catalina 1978 C-27 Nortons Marina
Peggie, I have a chance to buy a Jabsco 37010-0090 Marine Marine Electric Toilet (12-Volt, 25-Amp, Compact Size) 336.00 from Amazon Any reason this is not a good deal for my C-27 ? Thanks
Jun 9, 2008
- -- -Bayfield
I have an electric head that has a motor retro kit installed from the original manual head. I think it is a Jabsco and it is not a new model head (has been around for a long time) and I think these conversion kits are still available for that head (which is good because I can get parts). It is operated with pushing a little black button and holding it down for as long as you need to send the waste down the hill to the tank. It is a bit noisy, but works very well indeed.
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
I just googled "Raritan SeaEra conversion" and found both sea water AND fresh water versions for as low as $339...so why would you want to buy an inferior product when you can get the top rated one for the same price?
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