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Galveston Sailing?


Mar 20, 2014
Hunter 31 828 Shoreacres, TX
This time of year we always have scattered storms. You pays your money and takes your chances. Keep an eye out, I have literally sailed between around some of the pop up storms we get. The wind is always better after about 2:00 pm. Of course that is also the heat of the day. I often go out around 5:00 pm this time of the year and sail until the sunsets. Where exactly are you thinking of going? My boat is at HYC so I do most of my sailing in upper Galveston Bay.


Oct 8, 2020
West Wight Potter 19 Trailer Sailor

Thank you for your response! I was going to head out of Freeport and get a taste of the less brown water a couple miles offshore.

Have a great day!