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Furler Line Size and Type for 170???

Sep 5, 2018
Hunter 170 Northfield, NJ
So my problem is the furler line on my 170 is too short by some small amount. Doing a base measurement it appears to be about 2' short. The line on my boat is a red color, I do not know if it is factory.

I also notice the drum seems to fill up with line when the jib is out.

The Hunter manual states 15' of 4mm line.

The Harken manual says 10' longer then the distance from the jib to the cleat of 3mm polyester line.

What can people relate as their experience with their furling system? Do you have the 4mm line or 3mm.


May 1, 2011
Pearson 37 Lusby MD
You can remove the core from the line closest to the drum to prevent the drum from over filling.
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Dave Groshong

SBO Staff
Staff member
Jan 25, 2007
Catalina 22 Seattle
The Harken site indicates 5/32 max, which means you really need gloves on to handle it comfortably

Amsteel is $0.70/ft, let me know if you'd like to order