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Friday evening sails and fireworks at Kemah Boardwalk

Jul 7, 2015
Hunter 33_77-83 Kemah
The Kemah boardwalk features a fireworks display on Friday nights in June and July.
I am taking a crew of 6 out on Galveston bay for a sail and then watching the fireworks.
We went a little too far out the first trip and almost made the ship channel before turning around and heading back to port.
The plan was to anchor up and watch the fireworks but we watched them under sail instead.
This worked out great as there are 50 to 100 boats anchored up for the fireworks display. After the barge has shot the final barrage the traffic heading back into Clear Lake can be a bit of a fiasco.
By the time we sailed back most of the traffic had abated and it was manageable.
We took out 6 passengers, and I made 7 on a 33' Hunter Cherubini.
It was a bit crowded in the cockpit as we started, but when everyone spread out and found their spot it was very comfortable.
Looking forward to sailing again this friday, hope we have more 12 to 15 knot winds.
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Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
We used to have that on Lake Pontchartrain at Mandeville. It was fun, especially when the weather was "right" and we could make a raft and have snacks and refreshing beverages!.. I always laid back until the bozos raced back into the bayou.. fun watching the craziness.. even saw one dude with his port/stbd nav lamps reversed and causing a lot of horn honking.. One year we brought a fireworks launching platform (4ft by 4 ft piece of plywood) to keep the stuff that we launched from scarring the deck. Fun.
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