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free stanchions / safety cables but you pay shipping

Aug 9, 2019
Macgregor 21 CA
I've removed these from my 21' sailboat - There are 4 stanchions and 2 cables along with all the associated hardware.
If will need to get 2 stainless steel nuts to have everything necessary.
You will only need to drill 10 holes in the appropriate places on each side of your boat.
The stanchions themselves:
(there are 4 - 2 for each side of the boat)
are 18 1/2" tall and 1" in dia.
The bases are 3" in dia.
The cable is 11' 9" long and 1/8" in dia.
and plastic coated.
Everything is stainless steel and in good shape.
Again, these are free but when you receive and they meet your approval you can reimburse me the cost of postage. If they don't meet your fine standards toss everything in the trash and you owe me nothing. I'm in northern California and I can box these up tight and small and no way they will get damaged.
I can send you an email with pics of the boat/cables and the removed cables/hardware.
dudevato at yahoo dot com - all small letters with no spaces
'first to respond will get the pics first then we'll go from there.
Aug 19, 2019
Macgregor Venture 2-22 Charleston.
I have a 22' boat that in in need of stantions. Let me know if they're still available.
113 Egret Lane
Summerville,SC 29485