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Force 10 Oven Troubleshooting help

Jan 9, 2020
J J/42 1 New Castle NH
Searched a variety of forums looking for leads on the issues with my Force 10 model 63351 oven so figured I'd share for some additional expertise. Some background.. ignition doesn't work, so we use lighter to light stove top, broiler and oven. Stovetop works great--all three burners. However, when trying to light the oven (following procedures of holding in control knob, etc) the burner is very slow to light. When we attemp this, we take out the s/s heat plate for easy access to the burner. But the big concern is when trying to light the oven burner, we have gotten a "flame up" or "mini explosion" where access propane combusts and flames out. So clearly some gas is collecting somewhere and igniting. Another test I did was to remove the burner cap and light the burner directly, and this resulting in a strong, vertical flame, but then also got the "flame up". So just wondering if someone has had these issues and how this could be related to the thermocouple or jets.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
I have a 2005 Force 10 model 63351 oven/3 burner cooktop, which works great, but have never been able to get the ignition to work even after replacing it so we also use a lighter to light stove top burners and oven. In case you do not have the manual I attached 2 different versions I downloaded plus a troubleshooting guide I received from Force 10.


Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
Normally, you have to light a pilot flame in the oven, which in turn heats a thermal couple that will turn on the gas valve.
if you are getting a large amount of propane in the oven before the pilot is out, that is a big concern…

i thought a bad thermal couple would prevent the gas valve from opening…so not sure why you are getting a big flame / explosion. Scary.

Mar 11, 2009
Hunter 40 Saint John
can the ignition be as simple as replacing the batteries, I just bought one last year, and the new ignition takes batteries...