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First problems to tackle

Sep 2, 2017
Kenner Kittiwake Savannah, Ga.
Here we go.....
I don't know if I can post multiple pictures, so I'll start slow with a picture at a time.
As you can see the blue paint has chipped off, so how would I start to fix this?
I'm thinking sanding it down and add layer after layer to build it up sanding between layers using a foam brush or a spray gun.



Sep 25, 2008
boatless rainbow Callao, VA
need more pics, but from this one...you need to get all of the loose stuff off and see what the boat looks like. This looks like house paint applied? Or horribly prepped boat paint.

Scrape scrape scrape....sanding may just gum stuff up and waste a ton of paper doing so. Once you get it down, then I would try some chemical remover and finally when you get to glass/gelcoat...then prep the surface. The products you use, need to be compatible with the products below, these appear to NOT be compatible.

Is the "paint chip" flexible/pliable or does it just look that way?


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
I would scrape the loose stuff off... not sand... trying not to damage the underlying gel coat. When you get to paint that is actually adhered to the gel... you can sand if you like but not so aggressively that you burn through the gel coat. Decide on the paint product you're going to use.... FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CLOSELY.
Don't get cheap paint.... use a one or two part epoxy topside paint.
Sep 2, 2017
Kenner Kittiwake Savannah, Ga.
KD3PC, The paint is hard and won't flake off. I found the can inside to be Interlux Brightside Polyurethane Sapphire Blue and a can of Kiwi grip white. These are old cans.
Maybe I just need to sand it down at spot, apply primer and finally the paint?
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