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Fiberglas Thickness - 1987 - Hull and Deck Repair

May 8, 2017
Tartan T40 - 1987 33 IYC
Hi all. Does anyone know what the thickness of the FG is on the deck? I'm about to do some deck/core replacement in the spring and want to be prepared with the right tools for the job. It's a pain to get equipment to the boat and I have a very small window of time to fix it in. Has anyone done this lately?


Feb 5, 2004
Tartan 3800 Westport, MA
Just checking this forum, somehow I wasn't "watching" it. As far as contacting Tartan for that info I am afraid you won't get a good answer unless you get lucky with whom you speak to; it seems records were lost, as seems so often to be the case with yacht builders. I think you are going to have to just dig into it.

I'm curious as to your progress.