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Feedback on the C&C 29

Jan 14, 2019
C&C 24 Bronte
Calling all C&C 29 owners for opinions.

My friend and I are looking at buying a C&C 29 with the intention of competing double handed in the Lake Ontario offshore racing series under PHRF. Looks like it rates around 171 here on Lake Ontario.
We will also do a little fun cruising.
So......will it sail to its rating? what are the differences Mk 1 to Mk 2?
Also, any notable things to look for when buying one?
We will of course get a survey, but always nice to know what to look for.

All opinions welcome. Look forward to your comments.


Jan 26, 2005
C&C 110 Bay Shore, Long Island, NY
Which model are you looking for information about? I would guess that with a rating of 171 you are looking at the C&C 29 mkII. I owned and raced one for 14 years and know the boat intimately. The mkI and mkII are completely different boats other than the fact that they are both called 29's. The mkII is slightly smaller, faster and less tender than the mkI. They are both great light wind performers and point exceptionally well. The design, construction techniques and execution are well above other production boats of that era. The only known issue that I've seen with more than a dozen mkII boats that I've looked at is the fairness and symmetry of the rudder. On all of those boats, the leading 10% on one side has a shallow hollow/depression in the profile. Check the tabbing inside the cabinet under the head sink. If the boat was grounded hard, the tabbing holding the bulkhead in place will separate in that area. The mast step and stringers are all fiberglass and you don't have to worry about rot if there is water in the bilge. Some manufacturers used wood which over time will rot and need replacing. Keep the keel bolts torqued so you don't end up with the keel to stub crack that is typical on many boats with exterior ballast. Don't forget about tightening the bolt under the mast. If you plan on doing some serious racing, I would recommend fairing the rudder to the design profile. Make sure you have the optional inboard genoa leads that are mounted on the coaming. They'll allow you to point a few degrees higher. It will sail to its rating as long as your crew is up to the task and you have decent sails. Great boat!
Jan 14, 2019
C&C 24 Bronte
Wow Ted.

Thanks very much for the insight. I have been looking at both a Mark 1 and 11. But based on your comments it looks like the Mark 11 is the way to go.

Appreciate the input. Ps. If any members have a Mark 11 for sale let me know.
Jan 14, 2019
C&C 24 Bronte
Thanks. Just read through the thread. Plenty of good info there. Lots of opinions too.

I am pretty sure that the 29 Mk 11 will be a good all round performer that we can campaign on a reasonable budget.