eye candy

Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA

One persons "Eye Candy" is anothers "Boat Porn"... And I have to say "I'll know it when I see it"... And I love it...
Those are beautiful boats. When I win the lottery they will be high on my priority list. All the wood, the wide deck space... Classical...
Maybe one day.

Rick D

Jun 14, 2008
Hunter Legend 40.5 Shoreline Marina Long Beach CA
Beautiful boats. I must say that I am partial to Ragtime. This old lady was built in a shed as I recall, designed by Spencer in New Zealand and splashed in 1963. I used to watch her race in Long Beach, CA and she motivated me to buy my first boat with a cabin, a 26' T-Bird which I finished like her. She's competing in the Transpac this year.


Jun 29, 2014
S2 7.3 Fond du Lac
Jon, thanks for exacerbating my spring fever. I used my downtime at work today to shop for upgrades (new traveller and winches) and to top it off you post pics of gorgeous boats under sail!