Ericson 35-3 questions

Apr 10, 2017
Seidelman 37 Kemah, TX
Looking at possibly buying a 35-3. The boat has two water deck fills so I'm assuming two water tanks. Sailboat data says water capacity is 50 gal. Is that for both tanks or each tank?

Has anyone installed davits for hoisting a dinghy?

Any particular issues to look for? I think it's a '88.

Thanks, Bob
Apr 11, 2019
Ericson 35-3 Muskegon
Bob...50 is total unless they have the extra tank in bow. Potential issues. 1) water through dorade box into plywood core ahead of mast. 2) Old style alternator bracket and engine panel wiring 3) Check for any grid cracking under mast. Otherwise enjoy. The boat is super quick upwind and in light wind.
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