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Ericson 25: fin keel or centerboard?

Aug 17, 2009
2 Douglas 32 Sidney (near Victoria)
Any Ericson 25 fin keel owners out there?? I'm trying to determine whether a boat for sale in another city is a fin keel or centerboard. The seller is clueless, and though he says it's a fin keel I have no faith in him. (I had to explain the differences to him initially...) The only hint I have is a picture of the salon that shows a raised section of cabin sole sloping down from aft of the mast post. The back face of the mast post also seems to be removable, held in place by a number of screws.

To me both features seem to indicate centerboard: the cabin sole raised to accomodate the board, and the post opening to reveal the board raising tackle. But perhaps they used the same liner mold and mast post in the fin keelers too... anyone know??

There’s also a very grainy photo that seems to show what could be a winch on the cabin top behind the mast. If it is, I can think of no reason other than a centerboard to have that there.

I’ve asked for more pictures; we’ll see what (if anything) I get. Meanwhile, I’m grateful for any clues you can offer.

Cheers... Perry.