Downgrade from Furler

Apr 16, 2021
MacGregor 26X Denver
My 26X has a furler with genoa & cover. For trailering, I would like to downgrade to bare forestay.
Perhaps the simplest way would be to swap the entire forestay-furler-sail with another 26X owner who wants to upgrade from his bare forestay?
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
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Same issue came up on this thread: Converting from roller furled to hank on | Sailboat Owners Forums

Your jib furler with a beautiful canvas UV cover cover is a clean set up and other than removing the cover it makes deploying and stowing the jib from the cockpit easy withoiut going forward. Your furling jib was designed to be furled, which means the luff curve will be different from that of a hanked on sail. You will need a new forestay, modify the sail with hanks and buy a jib sail bag, if you do not have one. If the reason you want to convert it is you do not like the UV cover an OPTION is have a sail maker sew a sunbrella cover on and eliminate the seaparte UV cover.
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Apr 16, 2021
MacGregor 26X Denver
She's our floating picnic-blanket & tent.. We raise and lower the mast every time we drop her in various mountain lakes around Denver. We even leave the mast home sometimes. A bare mast is easy, but a mast loaded with a genoa is cumbersome.


Aug 27, 2019
Still looking Still looking Brisbane Australia
The furler can be removed from the forestay you have. you do not need a new forestay.
You may be able to then just sell the furler assembly.