DONE !!!!

Jan 19, 2010
Catalina 34 Casco Bay
A club mate bought an identical boat to mine. So that makes me a logical source for problem solving. Upon stepping and launching last June, it was apparent that the anchor, steaming and deck light were inoperative. We acquired an aux light to substitute for the steaming light before the delivery cruise. With the boat on the hard and the mast on saw horses it was time to chase down the gremlins... The process entailed verifying the continuity in the wiring. All 5 wire were intact although corrosion was noted in the un-tinned wire. So, with the decision made to replace the wire, it appeared a good time to install a masthead wind machine and run the wire. The steaming/deck and mooring light were also replaced.

The steaming/deck light had been riveted in place.. Acquiring an identical fixture meant all the holes would line up. It was determined that drilling and tapping was far superior to riveting.. The mast head was removed to gain access to the conduit. As the old wiring was drawn out of the step, it pulled along para-cord. The new mooring light wire along with the wind machine was pulled down the mast until it got to the steaming light.. At this point ALL lines were pulled together.

Prior to replacing the mast head, all sheaves were removed, inspected, lubed and re-installed.

DONE !!!