Feb 22, 2006
Catalina 310 Cape May, NJ
Anyone aware of any US companies, other than JOWI, that make cradles? We recently relocated the boat and the yard we want to take it to requires a cradle. They don't allow home made ones, only manufactured ones that have the backing of engineering. I just want to do some price comparison.

Jan 11, 2014
Sabre 362 113 Fair Haven, NY
Went through this about 4 years ago. Jowi was actually one of the best prices and it collapses so it is easy to move an ship.

Found a place in western PA that also made cradles but slightly more expensive and more traditional than the Jowi. A quick web search did not lead me to that company. They make boat cradles and trailers.

In the end I found a used cradle for a boat that was very close in size to my boat and had adjustable pads, so it fit.

Hope this helps.
Aug 1, 2011
Catalina 270 255 Wabamun. Welcome to the marina
Catalina can supply the specs. Get it welded up, and put a good coat of paint on it, and there not much they can really say.


Jan 20, 2005
Nauticat 321 pilothouse 32 Erie PA
we looked for a cradle 3 years ago as the yacht club forbade sailboats on jack stands. JOWI beat all the other prices and was 2 months faster. i guess if you have an excellent welder in your family you could weld one up more inexpensively, but i did n't. you could always check with some yards to see if they have used one that would fit...