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Cracks, an observation..

Sep 5, 2018
Hunter 170 Northfield, NJ
We have a bit of sun today here in NJ. If I had the boat near the water and knew what I was doing I would think about taking it out, but that is another thing.

Just inspecting the cover and the boxes I put in to keep water from accumulating I noticed the port side upper rear area was quite warm while the starboard was cool. I also noticed the white area that is exposed where the rigging attaches was cool.

So now I am wondering. Was the boat previously stored outside with the port rear area exposed like it is now. That would explain the more cracks on that area.

To prevent further issues I figured some insulation might help. I took some bubble wrap and put it between the cover and the surface of the boat.

Now if only the people who own the house next door would only take down the dead oak tree next to my building. Then the boat would be in the shade all winter.


Apr 16, 2017
Federation NCC-1701 Riverside
I think you are on to something. The hardware on the boat has silicone gaskets under them. I think they are heat sinks. I have silicone pot holders and they work very well in the kitchen. If there is such a thing as white silicone on a roll, put some down on the parts of the cover that touch the luran. Nothing should touch luran if it conducts heat.

I learned with royal blue hydroturf, that the heat collector will send it right to the luran, then warp/crack it.

Its been several weeks since i finished up the glass work and the "Take II" looks great with the hydroturf reglued with contact cement
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Shorefun. Who made the cover? White and grey colors the best. I used a company who installed vents and allowing the cover to be raised to deflect water. I also found it helped to defeat heat inside by raising the cover up with vents dispelling the heat thru vents. Worked in the Carolinas well and is hotter.

Did you ask your neighbor about the dead tree coming down?