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Composting Toilet in a 310?


Mar 11, 2021
Catalina 310 Kerr Lake
Wondering if any of you folks have ever installed an Airhead or similar composting toilet in your 310? The ledge that my current toilet sits on would be too high as a base for the Airhead. I’m hesitant to cut out a custom spot in that ledge bc 1) not sure how I would cleanly seal the edge of the cutout to the side of the toilet and 2) not sure how I would mount the flat bottom of the toilet on what I am assuming is the curved bottom of the boat under that ledge. Any advice or experience?
Apr 22, 2011
Hunter 27 Pecan Grove, Oriental, NC
C-Head has what they call a shorty model of composting toilet. From base to seat it is 15" versus the Airheads 19.5".