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compass rehab

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May 11, 2005
Seidelman S37 Slidell, La.
The dome on my galaxy compass was getting hazy and difficult to see, particularly at night. Rather than send it off for repair, or purchase a new dome and attempt to install same, I figured what the hey. Get one of these headlight restore kits and give it a try. Much more to gain here than there was to loose. Ended up with a 3M kit, that had several very fine grades of sand paper, some rubbing compound and the necessary attachment for using on a regular power drill. After reading the instructions, which I usually don't bother with, I didn't think I wanted to attack the dome with sand paper on a drill, even very fine grain paper. Went instead straight to the little foam pad and rubbing compound. Like a miracle, after less then 30 minutes work, I now have a much clearer dome, although not quite like new. But think I will give some polishing compound a try before I call it done. Even if I can't make it any better with polishing compound, what I have is 100% better than what I had.


Jun 3, 2004
ODay 32 centercockpit Bay Shore, N.Y.
Read the instructions and maybe it will come out perfect :D
Nov 26, 2006
Hunter 31 1987 Fly Creek Marina Fairhope,AL.
Make a paste from baking soda and water. Use your fingers to polish the dome , this is like a polishing /rubbing compund that some jewelers use to remove scratches from watch crystals.

And Happy fourth to you also.
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