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cockpit drain/scupper

Apr 26, 2018
Catalina Catalina 30 Bayview
So I did a search and found some nice pics, but not seeing a hose size. My problem is not so much hose size, as it is that I don't have a scupper. We finally solved the vast majority of my wet bilge problem by dealing with leaking raw water thru hull. Now I still have a small amount when it rains or when I wash down the hull. I looked for the first culprit and did not have to look far.

The cockpit drains do not have a scupper, I can see the hose sticking up through the cockpit floor with what looks like 5200. Now I did not take too much notice of this before because there was so much water in the bilge before and there is both a full dodger and Bimini.

Now that bilge is dry, I really want to keep it that way!! I looked on Defender and they have a 1 1/4 inch scupper and also allow for 1 1/4 inch drain. Nothing on Catalina direct. Anyone have this problem and what was solution. I have a 1982 and I think I have to access by removing plywood under quarter berth to access quadrant and drains yes? Thanks for help.
Feb 2, 2014
Catalina 30 mkII Pasadena, MD
I'm not sure it this helps but I have an 87 and the hose size is 1 5/8 inch. Here is a picture of the hose in the background, in the foreground is the same size hose but it is for the engine exhaust. I replaced it 6 years ago, shortly after buying the boat.

Apr 26, 2018
Catalina Catalina 30 Bayview
Thanks, when I got in there I realized that the drains are glassed in. They were dry and hose looks good. On to another source. I found it!