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Checking for drain plug and or rusty oil pan.

Jul 6, 2010
Catalina 30 Bainbridge Island, WA
Anyone know of an easy way to see if drain plug is missing or if I have a rusty oil pan. Would rather not have to remove engine if possible.
I do have a serious oil leak somewhere and all the oil drained into the bilge.
Thanks in advance.
May 27, 2004
Hunter 30_74-83 Ponce Inlet FL
Which engine? Most marinized engines don't have drain plugs.
You could try putting a hand mirror under the pan...
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Jul 6, 2010
Catalina 30 Bainbridge Island, WA
Thanks for your inputs. Both suggestions sound like good places to start. Tom
Jan 6, 2006
Beneteau 423 Mt. Sinai, NY
Pictures of engine set-up..... but best look as much as possible, use a white rag and touch dont wipe and see what you get. Oil pan gasket can fail..... when you say all.... you mean completely empty? If that is the case I would assume its under the pan.....

Good Luck!
Nov 7, 2011
Catalina 30 Mk II Barnegat, NJ
When I needed to inspect the steering cables in a very tight area, I bought a WiFi Endoscope connected to my cell phone. Worked like a champ. Cost about $35 on Amazon. Would be perfect to get a good like at the bottom of an oil pan.
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Alden Forum Moderator
Jun 22, 2004
Alden 38' Challenger yawl Rockport Harbor
I keep a couple of inspection mirrors in the chart drawer as they are often used on a boat(no need elsewhere, why is that?).

Don't forget your phone cam. I use that as well to show what's going on where I can reach, but can't get my eyes to.
May 24, 2004
CC 30 South Florida
1rst check the engine oil level. Check for a corroded oil line. Do you have a leaking water pump? Oil should not have gone to the bilge, it should be collected in the pan under the engine. Did someone drilled holes from the pan to the bilge? It is illegal to discharge oil into the waterways.